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Moral Stories for kids in English | A Story of an Ant and Grasshopper

Moral Stories for kids in English

Greetings friends, Most of the times any of Moral Stories for kids helps us to retrieve from the big setback of a life which cause a deeper impact of sadness and it requires the biggest doses of Motivation. There the Moral Stories for kids is comes into the roles, And you know We are here to provide you the best Motivational Moral Stories for kids for 5th standard to make them understand the role of Positive mindset and the ability to overcome the fear in life and How it can change our lives to 360 degree upside down.

So let’s now we read the Best Moral Stories for kids in this article Where we have brought a very Motivating and Inspiring Story for kids in English to read, understand and get succeed in life with so much positiveness.

A Story of an Ant and Grasshopper (Moral Stories for kids)

Once upon a time, in a little meadow, there lived an ant named Andy and a grasshopper named Greg. Andy was a hardworking and wise ant, while Greg was quite lazy and loved to play all day.

One sunny morning, as Andy was busy collecting food for the upcoming winter, Greg was hopping around, singing and having fun. Andy looked at Greg and said, “Hey Greg, you should start gathering food too. Winter is coming, and we need to be prepared.”

Greg laughed and replied, “Oh, Andy, don’t be so serious. Winter is far away, and I’d rather enjoy the warm days than worry about the cold.”

Andy continued to work diligently, storing food in his small anthill. As the days passed, the weather began to change. The once-blue sky turned gray, and a chilly wind blew through the meadow.

Andy noticed that Greg was shivering and hungry. He went over to Greg and said, “I tried to warn you, Greg. Now winter is here, and we need food to survive. But don’t worry, I’ll share some of my food with you.”

Greg felt ashamed of his laziness and thanked Andy for his kindness. They both went to Andy’s anthill, where Andy shared his food with Greg.

As the winter days grew longer, Greg realized the importance of hard work and planning ahead. He helped Andy gather food from the remaining sources. Greg learned to be responsible and appreciate Andy’s wisdom.

When spring arrived, Greg was a changed grasshopper. He thanked Andy for teaching him the value of hard work and planning. They became the best of friends, working together to build a stronger community in the meadow.

And so, the meadow taught them a valuable lesson: Laziness might seem fun for a while, but hard work and preparation lead to a brighter future. Just like the wise ant Andy and the once-lazy grasshopper Greg, we should always be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Moral of the Story: Hard work and preparation are important for a successful and happy life.

So friends that was the Saga where you learned How an Ant lessoned the big thing in a life for a Grasshopper that also taught us to become a strong, hard worker and believer in a hardest times of our lives. Kindly put your opinions in the comments below and let us know what type of Moral Stories for kids in English do you want next, we’ll definitely provide it for you🙂

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