BREAKING: WWE Superstar Liv Morgan Arrested on Drug Charges, Here’s Why!

WWE fans now waiting so high for the wrestling favourite, Liv Morgan! But she has been out of action, and all are waiting for her comeback. But here’s the latest: Liv got into some legal trouble recently.

In Sumter County, Florida, Liv got pulled over for crossing road lines in her yellow jeep. Turns out, there was a smell of marijuana in her car. Long story short, she ended up with charges for having a small bag of marijuana and a vape pen with an oily substance that tested positive for marijuana.

Is Live Morgan gone to Jail or what..?

Liv Morgan was released after posting a bond. According to a report from the Villages-News in Florida, the Sumter County sheriff’s deputy observed Morgan’s vehicle crossing over the yellow and white lines of the roadway “several times.” When they approached Morgan’s car, the smell of marijuana was noticeable.

In addition to the marijuana, police discovered a “vape pen containing an oil-like substance” that also tested positive for marijuana.

The good news? Liv didn’t stay in custody for long. She posted bail and was out by 10:04 PM the same night.

Now, WWE has rules about this stuff. Getting caught with drugs can lead to serious consequences, even getting let go from the company. While THC (the marijuana stuff) isn’t an automatic violation, WWE takes these matters seriously.

What’s the Condition of Liv now?

As reported by Mike Johnson from PW Insider, Liv Morgan has been taking a break from the WWE scene due to a shoulder injury, but she’s been popping up in promotional activities lately.

This shoulder setback has kept Liv away from the ring for about five months. The injury happened on May 12 during a tag team match where she and Raquel Rodriguez triumphed over Bayley and Dakota Kai. Liv opened up about it, calling it a “torn shoulder,” during a live stream on UpUpDownDown with Xavier Woods.

After a brief return in late June, Liv got taken off TV in July. That’s when Rhea Ripley got pretty aggressive, targeting Liv’s arm by putting it in a chair and stomping on it during the July 24 episode of Raw.

Fast forward to November 2, Mike Johnson gives us the lowdown on Liv’s health. The scoop is, she’s still dealing with the shoulder issue and going through recovery. There’s talk of her heading for another evaluation in Birmingham, Alabama, sometime this month, but no one’s got the timetable for her return nailed down.

Liv Morgan has had some impressive wins in WWE, like bagging the SmackDown Women’s Championship, teaming up with Raquel Rodriguez for two Women’s Tag Team Championships, and clinching the Women’s Money in the Bank suitcase in 2022. Quite the track record!

Why does She has been out of action..?

Liv Morgan has been on the sidelines since she got injured during a July episode of “WWE Raw.” The injury occurred when WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley attacked her right before their scheduled match, which turned out to be a storyline to write her off television.

This setback came shortly after Liv had made a return to the ring from a previous shoulder injury, and this time, it was reportedly on the opposite side. As a result of the initial injury, Liv Morgan and her tag team partner Raquel Rodriguez had to give up the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Final Words

Unlike a “drunk driving” incident or the discovery of hard drugs, Liv Morgan’s situation is of a different nature. Fans are surely crossing their fingers that this won’t have a negative impact on her standing in WWE. It’s interesting to note that WWE itself has eased its stance on marijuana in recent years.

We’re keeping an eye on the situation for updates, but for now, that’s the scoop. What are your thoughts on Liv’s situation? Share in the comments below.

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